Odyssey Real Estate

We assist investors and home buyers locate and purchase quality real estate. We provide impartial access to quality hand-picked developments, whereby we have a general authority as opposed to agents who are working for the vendor exclusively. Our home buyer end to end advocacy service includes assisting with property search, auction bidding, private offer negotiations and contract completion.

Apart from looking after direct clients our agents work closely with clients of our professional referral partner companies which include financial planners, mortgage brokers, accountants and  property managers. We provide their clients a professional and complete service in relation to property acquisition.

We personally select recommended properties after a comprehensive due diligence process which involves a thorough analysis of the developer, their track record, preferred builders, location, quality of finish, inclusions and also the expected performance of the property over time, and most importantly the pricing.

It’s essential that our buyers purchase property that will provide strong capital growth and high demand for tenants.

Apart from our featured properties we have access to many other smaller boutique developers and properties in Victoria and Interstate.

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Our Partners